Smart Buyer's Guide: Top Tips for Safely Buying Silver Online

In an age where digital transactions have become the norm, buying silver online offers a convenient and accessible avenue for both new and seasoned stackers to diversify their portfolios. The allure of silver bullion, with its enduring value and tangible appeal, makes it an attractive spot to park excess cash.

However, the online marketplace, brimming with options and opportunities, also demands a certain level of savvy and caution to navigate effectively. This article aims to simplify the path for prospective silver buyers, guiding them through the nuances of online purchasing.

From understanding the basics of silver as an investment to ensuring safe transactions and verifying the authenticity of the product, we delve into the essential aspects of buying silver online. Whether you want to invest in silver bars, coins, or jewelry, our top tips will empower you to make informed decisions, safeguard your metal, and truly shine in the digital realm of silver trading.

Understanding the Basics of Silver as an Investment

Investing in silver is a strategy that has stood the test of time, owing to its intrinsic value and varied applications in industries like electronics, jewelry, and coinage. When venturing into the world of buying silver online, it is essential to start with a solid understanding of what makes silver a valuable investment and its different forms.

Different Types of Silver Available Online

Silver can be purchased in several forms, each catering to different investment goals and preferences. The most common forms include:

  • Silver Bars – Often chosen for their lower premiums over spot price, silver bars are a favorite among bulk buyers. They come in various sizes, from 1 oz to 10 oz and all the way up to 1000 oz, catering to all levels. Please note that when you hear mention of “ounces” we are discussing troy ounces (OZT). A troy ounce is slightly larger than a standard ounce and is a common unit in the world of precious metals.
  • Silver Coins – Bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf are minted each year in finite amounts, making them both an investment and collectible. Their value is primarily derived from the silver content, but rarity and historical significance also play a part.
  • Silver Jewelry – While not a conventional investment choice, silver jewelry holds appeal due to its dual function as a wearable asset and investment. Beware of higher premiums on jewelry pieces as they are costlier to manufacture than equivalent bullion products.

Purity and Pricing of Silver

The purity of silver is a crucial factor in its valuation. Investment-grade silver is typically 99.9% pure, known as .999 fine silver. The price of silver is largely determined by the spot price, which fluctuates based on market conditions. However, “premiums”, or the price above the paper spot price, are added to spot price to cover the costs of refining, minting, and distribution.

Understanding these basics will help you make informed decisions and compare offers and dealers when buying silver online. As an investor, balancing the desire for low premiums with the need for quality and authenticity is essential. Luckily, at PIMBEX, we do not force compromise, and you get the real deal for the absolute lowest prices anywhere!

Choosing the Right Online Platform

The digital age has opened many opportunities for purchasing silver online, but it also demands prudence in selecting the right platform. Choosing a trustworthy online dealer is crucial to ensure the authenticity of your silver investment and the security of your transaction.

Criteria for Selecting Trustworthy Online Dealers

When selecting an online platform for buying silver, consider the following criteria:

  • Reputation and Reviews – Look for dealers with a strong reputation in the market. Check their customer reviews from 3rd-party review platforms, such as ShopperApproved, to gauge their reliability and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Transparency and Information – A reputable dealer will provide detailed information about their products, including weight, purity, and origin. Transparency in pricing and fees is also a vital factor.
  • Customer Service – Responsive and helpful customer service is a sign of a reliable dealer. They should be able to answer your queries and provide thorough guidance over the phone and through email support.

Comparing Prices and Authenticity Guarantees

It is essential to compare prices from different dealers to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Remember, the cheapest option is not always the best. Look for dealers who offer authenticity guarantees on their retail silver products.

By choosing the right online platform, you can confidently invest in silver, knowing that your transaction is safe and your investment is genuine.

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Safe Transaction Practices for Online Silver Purchases

Purchasing silver bullion online requires vigilance to ensure both the security of your financial details and the integrity of the order. Safe and secure purchasing practices are key to a successful online buying experience.

Secure Payment Methods

When buying silver online, opt for secure payment methods on platforms that take the protection of your financial information seriously. PIMBEX utilizes up-to-date 256-bit SSL Certificates to encrypt and protect customer information entered on our platform.

For safe and secure payments, PIMBEX offers cost-effective ACH transfers that allow customer’s access to our lowest prices site-wide. Alternatively, credit cards are another safe option due to their fraud protection policies as well as secure online payment systems like PayPal, which also offer an additional layer of security.

Protecting Personal Information

It is crucial to protect your personal information during online transactions. Ensure the dealer's website is secure (look for URLs starting with "https" and a padlock symbol). As mentioned above, PIMBEX properly secures the transmission of your personal data with an active SSL Certificate.

Also, it is wise to provide only the personal information necessary to complete the transaction, and you should be wary of anyone asking for uniquely identifiable information, such as your social security number.

Adhering to these safe transaction practices not only safeguards your financial security but also enhances your confidence in the process of purchasing silver online.

Verifying Authenticity and Quality

When buying silver online, ensuring the authenticity and quality of your purchase is paramount. This not only protects your investment but also ensures that you get the value you paid for.

How to Check for Authenticity and Certification

Authenticity can be verified in several ways:

  • Hallmarks and Stamps – Genuine silver items are typically stamped with hallmarks indicating their purity, such as ".925" for sterling silver or ".999 Fine" for 99.9% pure, investment-grade silver.
  • Certificates of Authenticity – Reputable mints and refiners often provide separate certificates of authenticity (COA) that will match the serial number on the bar or coin.
  • Testing Kits – For added assurance, consider purchasing a silver testing kit or a non-destructive tool such as a Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier, which can help verify the metal's purity.

Understanding Return Policies and Guarantees

Before purchasing, please familiarize yourself with the dealer's return policy and any guarantees they offer. This is crucial for online purchases, where you cannot physically inspect the item beforehand. A trustworthy dealer will provide a reasonable return policy and guarantee the authenticity of their products.

PIMBEX sources products directly from the top sovereign and private mints and proudly stands behind every ounce of metal that is processed through our facilities. In addition, we test every product we purchase back from the public to ensure our inventory integrity.

By being vigilant about authenticity and quality, you ensure a satisfying and secure online silver buying experience.

Long-term Considerations and Storage Solutions

Considering the long-term aspects and storage solutions is as critical as the initial purchase for those investing in silver. Proper storage not only preserves the condition of your silver but also ensures its security and accessibility.

Storage Options for Physical Silver

There are several storage options for your silver investments:

  • Home Safes – For immediate accessibility, a home safe is a popular choice. Ensure it is secure and, ideally, fireproof. Bolting the safe to the floor, in a hidden corner, is ideal, and add a few desiccants to keep ambient humidity levels in check.
  • Safety Deposit Boxes – Banks offer safety deposit boxes that provide high security and can be used for storing valuable items like silver bullion. But be aware that your safety deposit box might not be accessible 100% of the time, and visits must be planned.
  • Third-Party Storage Facilities – Specialized storage facilities offer secure and fully insured storage options for precious metals. IRA-approved vaults offer the highest levels of physical security and have insurance coverage to provide complete peace of mind.

Tips for Long-term Investing and Potential Resale

When considering silver as a long-term investment, keep in mind the following:

  • Market Trends – Stay informed about market trends and how they might affect the value of silver.
  • Resale Options – Research potential resale options and understand the process of liquidating your silver investment when needed.

With the proper storage solutions and an eye on the future, your silver investment can be both secure and rewarding.


The journey of buying silver online can be involved but also rewarding when the right steps are taken. With some knowledge of the different silver bullion retail formats, an understanding of secure online platforms, and insights into safe transaction practices, investors can confidently navigate the online precious metals marketplace.

Remember, the key to a successful silver purchase comes down to verifying authenticity, considering long-term implications, and choosing the best storage solutions. By staying informed and vigilant, you can safely build a nest egg over time that will protect your purchasing power. And while you are here, we encourage you to shop our trusted selection today!

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