Gold Investing - A Wealth Preservation Strategy

Buying gold is a time-honored investment strategy practiced by a wide array of individuals, financial institutions, and sovereign nations to build and preserve generational wealth. For centuries, gold served as a pillar of commerce, as the primary means of settlement in international trade, and, if you can believe it, even directly circulated as money.

Anyone who watches the hit TV show, Gold Rush, knows first-hand the serious efforts expended to extract raw gold from the Earth's crust. Nations cannot print true wealth and prosperity out of thin air, and gold keeps everyone honest.

Unfortunately, global powers no longer engage in these sound-money practices and instead rely on the national printing press to issue seemingly endless fiat paper currency. Today gold bullion has returned to its original function as a durable store of value, and in this respect, the yellow metal shines!

Gold historically retains its purchasing power over very long periods, providing stability to investors' portfolios during economic depressions and times of uncertainty.

Okay, buying a little gold makes a lot of sense, but how and where do I even get started?

Investing in gold and silver bullion might seem treacherous and riddled with potential pitfalls. Still, the path to responsible ownership becomes much clearer when viewing precious metals as a lifecycle.

We like to look at the entire picture and carefully consider each phase of precious metal ownership. Buying authentic bullion products, safely storing that bullion, and selling your metals are all equally important steps in this lifecycle.

pimbex gold investing cycle

When buying gold and silver, we do so to protect our hard-earned savings, and many of us plan to pass it along to our loved ones in the form of inheritance. Buying gold as a long-term hold is the most common strategy we see, but sometimes life's unplanned emergencies force the need to sell a coin or two. And over a long enough timeframe, eventually your children or maybe their children will be selling. This is why a proper exit strategy is equally important to securing the lowest possible upfront cost.

Collecting limited edition bullion coins and bars can be a fun hobby but may prove more challenging when liquidating down the road. This is even more true when considering large quantities of foreign coins or generic bullion pieces. A fact that isn't openly discussed in some circles is that not all gold and silver products are created equal.

Gold and silver have intrinsic value, and you'll always be able to find a buyer. But odd-sized or collectible pieces might not return the price you were expecting when parting ways. Gold jewelry, sterling silverware and high-premium, low mintage coins come to mind.

PIMBEX recommends shifting your focus to the standard line of US Mint bullion products which are all highly divisible and universally recognized by a large swath of investors. Stateside, US Mint products such as the 22-karat American Gold Eagle and American Silver Eagle are incredibly desirable and aggressively repurchased by large online dealers and local coin shops alike. The Gold Eagle family of bullion coins even offers various fractional ounce coins that work with anyone's budget.

Suppose you're seeking the perfect pure gold coin. In that case, the 24-karat American Gold Buffalo fits the bill and is one of our personal favorites. For platinum group investors, the American Platinum Eagle and even American Palladium Eagle is even on the menu. We can't think of a more patriotic way to protect your wealth!

Any way you slice it, you can't go wrong converting your hard-earned dollars into the standard range of US Mint bullion products.

Browse our selection of US Mint bullion today!

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