PIMBEX Founders - Brian and Michael

Our Story

The process of buying gold and, more importantly, taking delivery seems archaic and cumbersome to most casual observers.

It’s hard to blame them as we live in an increasingly digital landscape where immediate access and convenience are the top priorities—the world is at your fingertips.

It’s easy to see why the old-fashioned way of conducting business has taken a backseat to the desire for instant gratification.

At PIMBEX, we asked ourselves, why compromise?

You want your gold, you want your silver, and you should get it NOW!

We designed a user-friendly, elegant online platform with the smoothest check-out process in bullion. Placing an order for the ever-popular American Gold Buffalo or a tube of American Silver Eagles has never been easier.

We also work tirelessly to maintain a healthy supply of inventory and avoid ever overselling our stock. You place an order; you get your metal. Period.

PIMBEX carries a wide selection of every size and denomination of investment-grade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products to suit everyone’s needs.

And don’t worry, our inventory is sourced directly through the US Mint Authorized Purchaser network as well as the other leading sovereign and private mints worldwide. We guarantee product authenticity and stand behind every ounce we sell.

Your order will ship via FedEx fully insured with signature required and seriously overpackaged to provide security and added peace of mind.

Give us a try today but don’t blink, your order is already on the way.

Welcome to the PIMBEX family!

Bullion. Streamlined.

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