PIMBEX Founders - Brian and Michael

Our Story

The retail precious metals landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s been difficult to determine the complete impact this will have on retail buyers, for better or worse. Our industry is consolidating, and we’ve observed a strong shift towards higher dealer premiums from some of the biggest players.

Dealing with reputable suppliers is everything in this world, but getting stuck with excessive dealer mark-ups can derail your investment strategy and dilute your portfolio’s long-term performance.

At PIMBEX, we believe that reputation shouldn’t come at a premium. You deserve authentic gold and silver products at excellent prices that keep your dollar cost average LOW. Don’t let a handful of big dealers push you around.

Physical precious metals are for everyone, and you should have a seat at the table.

Why Buy from PIMBEX?

Our long-term mission is to keep the physical bullion market as transparent and open as possible.

Through these efforts, we built a safe and secure platform that provides cost-effective acquisition of all the investment-grade bullion essentials.

And by only partnering with the leading sovereign and private mints, we ensure our products are genuine and guarantee every ounce that moves through our facilities.

Package security is also a top priority, and we offer unrivaled FedEx 2-day standard on each order. Shipments are sent fully insured, and signature required.

When you want the best prices and the best standard shipping, period, you want PIMBEX.


Our family operation is committed to making physical precious metals accessible to all. We strive to do right by our customers and make everyone’s experience first-class.

At PIMBEX, we appreciate and understand tangible investments and aim to spread a positive message about physical gold and silver ownership.

Reach out and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members. We’re always happy to provide assistance and help walk you through the steps.

So, check us out. We look forward to serving you!

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