Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I ship credit card orders to anywhere I want?

At PIMBEX, we strive to protect our customers' personal information and simultaneously reduce the risk of credit card fraud. As such, we only ship orders to the billing address that is used to place an order.

How much is shipping?

Orders that total less than $299, before sales tax (if applicable), will be charged a $10.00 shipping fee. All orders over $299, before sales tax (if applicable), include free shipping.

Why are some products listed as presale?

On occasion, we list inventory that is en-route to one of our warehouses. We list them as a presale to allow our customers the opportunity to lock in at current prices. We only have estimated arrival dates of these products, in most instances, making it difficult to provide an exact shipment date. Orders are grouped and in-stock products will be held and shipped together.

How is my package shipped?

PIMBEX contracts with all major carriers and ships all products fully insured. Orders are sent in discreet packaging and require a signature upon delivery. Please ensure that you are available to sign for your package on the expected delivery date. See our Terms of Sales for Delivery Requirments.

I'd like to make a purchase, why am I required to sign up for an account?

Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for our customers to buy and sell precious metals. By creating an account with us, we're able to offer you a user-friendly and efficient buying experience. Now, we understand that creating an account might be inconvenient, but your information is securely stored on PCI-compliant servers and encrypted with a Digicert SSL Extended Validation Certificate. Let your mind rest easy, knowing the most challenging part of the process will be deciding which coins and bars to buy!

Do you collect Sales Tax?

Some states require PIMBEX to collect sales tax on certain items. We collect the appropriate taxes for all orders based on the most up-to-date tax laws in each state. Please contact your local jurisdictions for bullion tax law details.

How will my order be packaged for shipment?

We follow stringent protocols to ensure all orders are securely packaged and shipped in a discreet box for the customer’s protection.

Where do you ship?

PIMBEX only accepts and ships orders in the lower 48 contiguous states and Hawaii (excl. Minnesota). We do not currently ship to Alaska, Minnesota, or Internationally.

I live in Minnesota, why can't I purchase from PIMBEX?

Due to Minnesota State Law Chapter 80G, we cannot process orders for customers in the State. We are working diligently to overcome this hurdle and register with the Minnesota Department of Commerce. We look forward to the day we can provide you with all your precious metals needs.

What is your return policy?

Please see our Terms of Sale.

Can you ship my order to a post office box?

Yes, we ship to valid United States Post Office Boxes. The P.O. Box must be registered to your name and packages will require signature upon delivery.

Can orders be changed after being placed?

Customer orders are locked in at the time of purchase and cannot be changed or edited for any reason.

How long will it take to receive my package?

Most packages ship within 48 hours of cleared payment. PIMBEX strives only to fill orders where inventory is on hand and readily available. In rare circumstances, PIMBEX will accept customer orders on inbound inventory when we're confident of timely delivery.

Is my personal information secure?

PIMBEX securely transmits all data using the highest tier Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

How do I know I will receive authentic products?

PIMBEX contracts exclusively with US Mint Authorized Purchasers and guarantees the products you receive are genuine. Secondary market products purchased from customers are tested in-house to verify authenticity.

What forms of payment does PIMBEX accept?

Order payments can be processed via credit/debit card, ACH (Plaid), and Bank Wire Transfer.

Does PIMBEX report transactions to any Government Agencies?

PIMBEX does not accept cash or cash equivalents when processing customer sales orders, and therefore is not obligated to report sales transactions of any size. Certain buy-back orders can trigger Form 1099-B reporting requirements. For more information, please contact our Customer Support. Please remember that you are responsible for any tax liability on bullion products you sell. Consult your CPA or Paid Tax Preparer for further information regarding the taxable impact sales of your bullion product may have when you file your income tax return. The preceding does not constitute financial and/or tax advice. Please consult your CPA, Paid Tax Preparer, or Financial Advisor for further financial and tax planning information.

What are your hours of operation?

Please see our Customer Support page.

Are there any risks associated with investing in physical precious metals?

All personal investments are subject to market volatility, and precious metals are no exception. The fluctuations of spot price in the metals market directly affect the resale value of your bullion holdings. In addition, the bullion market is littered with counterfeit merchandise and fakes. PIMBEX contracts exclusively with US Mint Authorized Purchasers and guarantees the products you receive are genuine. Secondary market products purchased back from customers are tested in-house to verify authenticity.

Gram Club - How do I sign up for a subscription?

Signing up is very easy. After you create an account with PIMBEX, simply select to add a subscription in your account profile. You'll have the option to choose between $125 and $250 subscriptions.

Gram Club - Do you charge a membership fee or a cancellation fee?

No, we do not charge a membership fee or a fee to cancel a subscription. You pay the subscription price (plus sales tax, if applicable) and that's it. Our goal is to provide a convenient way for you to add a little weight to your stack every month.

Gram Club - Can I change my billing date?

No, your card information will be billed on the first of the month or the first business day of the month if the first of the month is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.

Gram Club - How often do I receive packages from the Gram Club?

We have a saying at Gram Club, Metal Every Month! With your subscription, you will receive a package every month. No accruals, no waiting, just metal in your stack!

Gram Club - How do I cancel my Gram Club Subscription?

Canceling your subscription is as easy as logging into your PIMBEX customer account and selecting Cancel next to your active subscription.

Gram Club - Do you ever carry a remaining amount into the next month?

No remainder value is ever held by PIMBEX. All remaining value is made up in fractional bullion to the closest dollar amount.

Does PIMBEX offer Gold & Silver IRA services?

PIMBEX has established relations and is an approved precious metals dealer with multiple Trust Companies. Through these relationships, PIMBEX can service clients with eligible self-directed IRAs. Contact Customer Support today to see if we can assist with your Gold & Silver IRA goals.

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