5 oz Silver Round – Aztec Calendar

Front 5 oz Silver Round – Aztec CalendarBack 5 oz Silver Round – Aztec Calendar
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  • Family:Silver Rounds 5 oz

  • MetalSILVER

  • CategoryBullion Rounds

  • MintGolden State Mint

  • CountryAmerican

  • Weight5 oz

  • Purity.999 FINE SILVER

  • AvailabilityOut Of Stock


The Aztec Calendar 5 oz Silver Round is a fun addition to any stack, and collectors enjoy the beautiful artwork and practical affordability of this 5 oz minted silver round.

The front side of each silver round includes a design borrowed directly from the ancient Aztec Sun Stone, an artifact that the Aztec Empire used as a calendar. Such elaborate designs are uncommon on generic silver rounds, which makes this Aztec round a special treat.

The reverse features the profile of the now-immortalized Aztec Emperor Cuauhtémoc. The "Descending Eagle" and his compatriots fearlessly opposed the Spanish Empire during the Aztec Empire's late stages. Valiant in their efforts, Emperor Cuauhtémoc is a revered national hero and has been previously featured on the Mexican national currency.

The Aztec Calendar 5 oz Silver Round is produced by the Golden State Mint. Founded in 1974, it is a reputable private mint known for high-quality retail bullion products. They make many silver pieces in the Aztec Calendar series, which come in various shapes and sizes.

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