Dos Pesos Mexican Gold Coin (Random Year)

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  • Family:Mexican Gold

  • MetalGOLD

  • CategoryBullion Coins

  • MintMexican Mint

  • CountryMexico

  • Weight0.0482 oz

  • Purity.900 FINE GOLD

  • AvailabilityIn Stock


Dos Pesos gold coins offer investors a unique combination of hyper-fractional gold and a reasonable premium over gold spot price. The smallest of the gold pesos series, the Dos Pesos is only 13mm (about ½ inch) in diameter and fits on the tip of your finger. The Mexican Mint produced millions of Dos Pesos coins from 1919 through 1947, with restrikes issued sporadically for many decades after.

Like United States Pre-1933 gold coins, vintage Mexican gold has developed a religious following for what it represents: gold as money. Recently, gold pesos have been especially difficult to keep on hand, and the fractional variety has experienced an unprecedented explosion in demand. People seek gold bullion from trusted world mints with excellent eye appeal, and vintage Mexican gold has it all.

Vintage gold pesos are minted from a 90% gold alloy (the balance is copper base metal) and are as durable as they are beautiful. We appreciate how Dos Pesos gold coins maintain their mint luster better than most government-issued vintage gold coinage. Each Dos Pesos gold coin contains 0.0482 troy ounces of pure gold.

The Dos Pesos obverse features Mexico’s National Coat of Arms with a golden eagle perched on a cactus grasping a snake with its beak. ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS is stamped around the field’s perimeter.

The reverse of the Dos Pesos is an image of a wreath surrounding the words DOS PESOS. The year of issue is stamped at the top, with the Mexican Mint mark at the bottom.

We verify and test each Dos Pesos gold coin on-site for weight and purity. Secondary market coins will arrive in varied conditions and may exhibit signs of handling and wear. Dos Pesos gold coins from this order will be dated between 1919 and 1947.

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