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When shipping to PIMBEX we strongly suggest you utilize the USPS Registered Mail Service.

Registered Mail Background

  1. Registered Mail is an "Extra Service" provided by the USPS. It establishes a chain of custody from the sender to the receiver. A postal employee signs to receive your package at each step along the way, ensuring a detailed record of who possesses your package.
  2. USPS Registered Mail is charged in addition to standard Priority Postage.
  3. Registered Mail Insurance provides coverage for the following:
    • Full or Market Value of Cash or Negotiable Instruments
    • Market Value of Gems
    • Market Value of Jewelry
    • Market Value of Precious Metals
    • Market Value of Merchandise
    • Replacement Cost for Nonnegotiable Instruments
  4. Utilizing Registered Mail offers maximum security for your precious metals. Items can be insured for up to $50,000 per package.
  5. Registered Mail can only be purchased in person at your local post office branch.
  6. Do not allow the Post Office to sell you on a cheaper shipping option. Registered Mail is the only service offered by USPS that insures precious metals. The USPS will only honor insurance claims on precious metals if your package is sent via Registered Mail.

Package Preparation

  1. Required packing materials:
    • USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box (Obtain from Post Office)
    • 2nd Box able to fit inside of Flat Rate Box (Recommended)
    • 1" wide Filament Tape
    • Paper or Styrofoam Peanuts (If sending tubes)
    • 3" wide Gummed Paper Tape
    • Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap
    • Packing Slip - To be provided by PIMBEX
  2. Fold up Flat Rate box and use the 1” wide Filament Tape to seal the interior of the box. Repeat process if using recommended 2nd Box.
  3. If shipping coin tubes, place folded paper or Styrofoam peanuts inside the tube and on top of the coins/rounds. The goal is to fill up the empty space between the coins and the lid, ultimately reducing any potential noise created by the movement of the coins.
  4. Ensure the contents of the package are packed tightly and secure with either packing paper or bubble wrap. You do not want the contents of your package to move around or make noise. Remember, silence is golden.
  5. Before sealing the package, make sure to print and insert the packing slip provided to you.
  6. After sealing the package, use the 3” wide Gummed Paper Tape to tamperproof and seal the outer edges of your package. This step is required for Registered Mail.

What to expect at the Post Office

  1. Go to the front counter and request to send your package via Registered Mail, the postal worker will provide you with the Form 3806 - Registered Mail Receipt to complete.
    • On this form all you need to do is list the recipient of the package and your return address.
  2. Once completed, return the form to the postal worker and you’re almost ready to go.
  3. The postal employee will enter the package into the USPS system and will ask you to declare the value of the contents. Once declared, the total cost of the shipment will be calculated. Please Note: Registered Mail is in addition to the standard postage required for a Flat-Rate Box.
  4. After you have paid for the postage and Registered Mail Service, you’ll be given a receipt with a tracking number. You can use this to track your package as it makes its way to PIMBEX.
  5. And finally, it’s worth repeating, do not allow the Post Office to sell you on a cheaper shipping option. The USPS will only honor insurance claims on precious metals if your package is sent via Registered Mail.

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